John Boyega Reveals the Next Pentecost in First 'Pacific Rim: Uprising' Image

The Jaeger Awakens.

The return of the kaiju is just over a year away — but don't worry. The next line of human defense has already made itself known.

The first officially released image from next year's Pacific Rim: Uprising comes from star John Boyega's Twitter feed, showing his character — Jake Pentecost, the son of the original movie's Stacker Pentecost, as played by Idris Elba — sitting, surrounded by rubble, next to the doorway to a Jaeger, the giant human-piloted robots from the original movie. Boyega's caption? "I am Pentecost. 2018."

That tweet, in turn, was shared Tuesday by the official Pacific Rim Twitter account, accompanied with "We're back!" — an apt phrase for the first tweet on that account in two and a half years. (The previous two tweets were both retweets from the Legendary Pictures account, announcing the second movie back in 2014.)

Alongside Boyega, the new movie — to be directed by Steven S. DeKnight from a screenplay by DeKnight, Emily Carmichael, Kira Snyder and T.S Nowlin — will feature Suicide Squad's Scott Eastwood, The Great Wall's Jing Tan and, returning from the original, Rinko Kikuchi. Guillermo del Toro, director of the first movie, will produce the new pic and also provided the basic storyline.

Pacific Rim: Uprising is scheduled for release Feb. 23, 2018.