'Pacific Rim: Amara' Webcomic Introduces Major Player From Next Movie

Pacific Rim Amara Art - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of BigN/Legendary/LINE Webtoon
The origin of one of 'Pacific Rim Uprising's main characters is revealed in this new series.

Audiences preparing for Pacific Rim Uprising can learn more about one of the new movie’s most important players with a free, digital comic prologue launching on the LINE Webtoon platform Friday.

Pacific Rim: Amara, by writers Cavan Scott, Zhang Ran and artist BigN, follows the titular character — played in the upcoming movie by newcomer Cailee Spaeny — as she survives a kaiju attack that kills the rest of her family, only to join another couple of survivors as they start to retro-engineer their own Jaeger to defend themselves from future attacks. The series is the exclusive debut for Amara and her Jaeger Scrapper, and the only place fans will be able to find out the true origins of both.

The series, which will be released online every Friday, is the result of a collaboration between LINE Webtoon and Legendary Comics, which is also publishing a second prologue to Uprising, Pacific Rim Aftermath (also written by Scott).

“This was an exciting adventure from beginning to end with a global creative team,” said Robert Napton, editorial director of Legendary Comics, in a statement. “We are delighted with the results of producing our first comic with this international team from China and the U.K., and we have found the perfect distribution partner in Webtoon. Our story deepens the understanding and appreciation of not only the character of Amara, but also her homemade Jaeger Scrapper. It’s an origin story that adds yet another layer to Pacific Rim, and dives into the world of Mech Racing. I hope fans enjoy it!”

The first three episodes of the series debuted online today. Pacific Rim Uprising will be released in theaters March 23.