'Pacific Rim' Writer Teases More Jaeger in Future Comic Book Prequels

Travis Beachum has been responding to fans asking for more "Pacific Rim" with promises of dinosaur explanations, more Jaeger action and the most important character you didn't see in the movie.

It may have failed to set the box office alight, but Legendary's Pacific Rim already has inspired a very loyal fan base that wants to see more of the Jaegers, kaiju and anything and everything to do with Mako Mori. Luckily, according to screenwriter Travis Beachum, the fans will get their wish -- and maybe an explanation about that whole dinosaur thing, too.

Beachum's Tumblr currently is filled with Pacific Rim fan art and questions about whether the story will live on past the movie released two weeks ago. He's written unequivocally that "there will be more," referring to comics following on from the recent Tales From Year Zero graphic novel prequel to the movie; those new comics potentially could feature Tacit Ronin, the Jaeger seen in the opening montage of the movie ("Piloted by Duc and Kaori," Beachum wrote. "You will know them").

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Beachum also has teased the importance of Luna Pentecost, the as-amazingly-named sister to Idris Elba's Stacker Pentecost, saying that she is "massively important to what Stacker is. Massively. The more you think about it, the more inescapable it becomes." This might be news to those who haven't met the character, who only appears in the Tales graphic novel. Beachum refused to answer just what Newt meant about dinosaurs in the movie. "We'll get around to it," he teased. "It's a big world."

The idea of more fully exploring a world from one medium in another is commonplace nowadays -- witness the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic books from Dark Horse, created with Joss Whedon's input, or IDW Publishing's Star Trek material produced in association with Bad Robot's Roberto Orci -- but Pacific Rim may be looking to take that to a whole new level. Assuming, of course, that Tales From Year Zero sells well enough to warrant its own follow-ups.