Palahniuk Updates 'Fight Club' Sequel Status

Fight Club
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The script for the comic book follow-up to the cult novel is being reviewed by none other than "Hawkeye" writer Matt Fraction and a mystery publisher.

You may not be a beautiful and unique snowflake, but you may end up being a seven-issue comic book -- at least you will if you're the sequel to Chuck Palahniuk's seminal 1990s novel (and cult David Fincher movie adaptation) Fight Club, which is slowly moving towards completion.

Announced last summer, Palahniuk updated fans on the progress of the comic book follow-up. "The graphic novel 'script' for the Fight Club sequel has gone off to the writer, Matt Fraction, and to an unnamed publisher for review," he wrote.

STORY: Palahniuk Confirms 'Fight Club' Comic Book Sequel

Fraction, whose work includes the critically acclaimed Sex Criminals for Image Comics and Hawkeye for Marvel, is described by Palahniuk as "my go-to advisor about format and other considerations of graphic scripts." This is the second high-profile literary collaborator for Fraction; the fourth volume of his series Casanova will include stories written by Michael Chabon.

"I'll be choosing an illustrator based on [Fraction and the publisher's] response to the script," Palaniuk wrote, adding that the sequel will "consist of seven issues, totaling more than 210 pages. Fingers crossed."