'Pandemica': Bioweapon Comic to Launch in September

The new series comes from the mind of novelist Jonathan Maberry.
Alex Sanchez/IDW Publishing
The new series comes from the mind of novelist Jonathan Maberry.

As America falls to corrupt leadership and prepares for a war unlike any other, a surprising group of heroes emerge to push back against the potential apocalypse. That's the starting point of Jonathan Maberry’s new comic book series, Pandemica, launching this fall.

The series features “a diverse group of people who discover that a secret organization is selling designer pathogens for use in ethnic cleansing,” Maberry said in a statement. “My story is about the kinds of people who take a stand against this, who find the courage to fight back, who put themselves in harm’s way to protect the innocent…. I’m working with world-class scientists — epidemiologists, molecular biologists, etc. — to make the bioweapons in Pandemica as realistic as possible. What’s terrifying is that so much of this is actually possible; and that so many groups and governments over the last century have tried to make these kinds of genocidal weapons. Thankfully, we’ve also seen that there are people who will stand up against this kind of madness.”

David Hedgecock, associate publisher at IDW, described Pandemica as “the culmination of all the various and disparate ideas [Maberry’s] been working through as a writing professional for the past decade,” adding, “it’s an honor and privilege to help bring his fearsome new vision to an unsuspecting — and soon-to-be-captivated — reading audience.”

Maberry is best known for his work on the V-Wars series of vampire apocalypse books — currently in development as a Netflix series for debut last this year — and on the Joe Ledger and Rot & Ruin novels, as well as a number of comic book projects, including Marvel’s DoomWar and Black Panther.

Joining Maberry on the new series is Alex Sanchez (Star Wars: The Old Republic, Spider-Man Unlimited) and colorist Jay Fotos (Locke & Key).

The new series will launch from IDW Publishing in September.