Panel Syndicate Launches Second Pay-What-You-Want Comic

'Universe' joins Brian K. Vaughan's 'The Private Eye'
Albert Monteys/Panel Syndicate

The Private Eye is alone no more. With little fanfare — as has become the standard practice for the site — Panel Syndicate, the home for Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin’s webcomic thriller about a post-Internet world, has added a second series, Universe.

The new series is created by Spanish creator Albert Monteys, arguably best known for his work in the Spanish satirical weekly El Jueves (Both Martin and Private Eye colorist Muntsa Vicente are also Spanish). Subtitled The Periodical of Cosmic Wonder, the series is described by Monteys as “a series of self-contained sci-fi tales that will be related to each other more or less directly,” with the first issue explaining the untold secret origin of everything — so, you know, it’s starting small.

The first issue — which runs 37 pages, and comes in DRM-free PDF, CBR and CBZ formats — is, like every issue of The Private Eye, available on a pay-what-you-want basis with no minimum price. Although no specific numbers have been released, both Vaughan and Martin have said that the business model “definitely works” for them. With the launch of a second series, it looks as if we might be able to see how much of that is down to the model itself, and how much comes from Vaughan and Martin’s existing fanbase.

Universe and The Private Eye are both available right now from Panel Syndicate.

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