Paramount, Platinum Dunes Team for Horror Thriller 'Meet Jimmy'

Meet Jimmy - Publicity - H 2018
The Fantasia International Film Festival
Michael and Shawn Rasmussen will co-write a screenplay with Tim Koomen; David-Jan Bronsgeest will direct.

Hot off the international premiere of a Dutch short film at the Fantasia Film Festival, Paramount and Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes are teaming to produce a feature adaptation of Meet Jimmy after picking up a pitch at the Fantasia's Frontieres International Co-Production Market.

The Melrose Avenue studio will back the feature project that brothers Michael and Shawn Rasmussen will co-write with Tim Koomen. David-Jan Bronsgeest is set to direct the film and Platinum and The Picture Co. will co-produce.

Sam Raimi and director Alexandre Aja picked up another screenplay by the Rasmussens, Crawl, which Paramount also backed. The short-film version of Meet Jimmy, starring Sem De Vlieger, Tim Handy and Jord Knotter, made its international premiere at Fantasia, and the feature-length project pitched at Frontieres was a co-presentation with the Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam.

The Dutch short for Meet Jimmy centers on a young woman named Jennifer who is obsessed with a podcast about serial killer Jimmy Twofingers. While doing her laundry, Jennifer tunes in to listen to his confessions, where she discovers the killer can hear her, too. Jimmy soon starts talking to her and warns her that if she stops listening, she'll meet him in person.

"When we first saw Tim and Dave's Meet Jimmy presentation this year, we knew the project was a winner and approached them wanting to get involved," the Rasmussens said Monday in a statement.

"With the Rasmussens’ writing expertise and our strong personal connection, we’ll bring this scary Fantasia creation to the world!" Meet Jimmy director David-Jan Bronsgeest and co-writer/co-producer Koomen said in their own statement.

On the awards front, Fantasia also said Monday that Joseph Khan's Bodied picked up The Sequences jury prize; Terrified, from Argentine helmer Demian Rugna, won the audience award for the best film from Europe or the Americas; the best Asian feature prize went to South Korean director Jang Joon-hwan's political thriller 1987: When the Day Comes; and the Guru Prize for best action feature went to the Mike Mort-directed, stop-motion-animated Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires.