Paramount Pushes Back 'Rings,' 'Friday the 13th'

ONE TIME USE Friday The 13th Part V - H 2013
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The latest installment in the 'Ring' franchise had been set to open next month.

Paramount has pushed back the release dates for two of the studio's upcoming franchise horror films.

Rings, the third movie in The Ring franchise, moves from its Nov 13, 2015 release date to an April 1, 2016 open. The new Friday the 13th is moving from May 13, 2016 to January 13, 2017.

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Rings, which stars Aimee Teegarden and Johnny Galecki, is currently in post-production. F. Javier Gutierrez directed a script that was written by David Loucka, Jacob Aaron Estes and Akiva Goldsman. Director Guillermo del Toro acted as the film's executive producer.

The original Ring film, out in 2002, grossed $249 million worldwide; The Ring Two raked in $161 million in worldwide box office receipts.

The onscreen return of Jason Voorhees, the hockey mask-wearing, machete-wielding mass murderer, can be expected in the latest update of Friday the 13th. Michael Bay, along with Andrew Form and Bradley Fuller, will produce the David Brukner-helmed project, which was written by Nick Antosca.

This Friday the 13th will be the latest installment in the slasher film franchise, which spans 12 movies.