'Passengers': Jennifer Lawrence Defies Death While Swimming in Zero-G

The film comes from 'Imitation Game' director Morten Tyldum.

It's not safe to go in the water.

A new clip from Passengers shows Jennifer Lawrence's character battle to make it out of the deep end when a malfunction causes the artificial gravity to be turned off on her ship — and getting to safety is no easy task.

It's a visually stirring scene and shows off some of the possibilities of Passengers. It's got a Gravity vibe, but the movie's futuristic setting allows it to explore set pieces we haven't seen on screen yet. (We're pretty the Star Trek crew only went swimming on the safety of Risa.)

Passengers also stars Chris Pratt and centers on two passengers on a spacecraft transporting thousands of people in cryogenic sleep to a distant planet. The pair wake up 90 years too early and must figure out how to survive. 

Passengers is directed by Morten Tyldum and is set for a Dec. 21 release date.