Patrick Stewart Got Married in a Mexican Restaurant

Patrick Stewart - Getty - H 2020
Tristar Media/Getty Images
It turns out the 'Star Trek' icon and his wife had two separate ceremonies.

Patrick Stewart on Thursday dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! — which was guest-hosted by former Democratic presidential candidate and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg — and while there, disclosed a little-known fact about himself. 

It is common knowledge for any fan of Stewart's that he was married by his best friend and X-Men co-star, Ian McKellen, but where the ceremony took place is the kicker. 

It turns out Stewart and wife, musician Sunny Ozell, had two separate weddings — one in Reno, where she is from, and one in Los Angeles, where they live. Stewart said the L.A. event was impromptu. 

"We learned that (McKellen) could not use his (ministry) credentials in Nevada, which is where we were getting married ... so we invited Ian and two of our guests and a (theater) director to a Mexican restaurant for dinner," he said. "And they were really closing down when we got there, it was pretty late. And Ian had brought with him a kind of robe — but our guests had no idea what was happening. And in fact, we were formally married in a Mexican restaurant."

Later in the show, Stewart and Buttigieg played a competition, hosted by LeVar Burton, over who knew more about Star Trek: The Next Generation. Spoiler: Capt. Picard won.

Stewart currently stars in Picard on CBS All Access.

Watch the full interview below.