Patty Jenkins on 'Thor 2' Exit and When a Project Could Be a "Disservice to Women"

Patty Jenkins_Thor- The Dark World Still - Getty - H 2017
Getty Images; Courtesy of Photofest
The filmmaker left 'Dark World' in 2011 over creative differences.

Director Patty Jenkins is riding high with Wonder Woman receiving glowing reviews ahead of its Friday release.

Her big-screen superhero debut has been a long time coming, with the filmmaker once attached to Marvel Studios' Thor: The Dark World before exiting the project in December 2011 over creative differences.

In this week's The Hollywood Reporter cover story, Jenkins spoke with senior film writer Tatiana Siegel, and though the director would not name Thor by name, she discussed exiting a big-budget project, and it's fairly apparent which one she's talking about. 

"There have been things that have crossed my path that seemed like troubled projects," said Jenkins, whose previous film Monster (2003) earned Charlize Theron an Oscar. "And I thought, 'If I take this, it'll be a big disservice to women. If I take this knowing it's going to be trouble and then it looks like it was me, that's going to be a problem. If they do it with a man, it will just be yet another mistake that the studio made. But with me, it's going to look like I dropped the ball, and it's going to send a very bad message.' So I've been very careful about what I take for that reason."

Thor: The Dark World (2013) was directed by Alan Taylor and grossed $644 million worldwide, and though it holds a 67 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, that score actually makes it Marvel Studios' worst-reviewed film.

Read the full profile here, where Jenkins also discusses the enormous pressure of helming the $150 million female-centered superhero project.