Paul Pope's 'Battling Boy' Teased in Animated Trailer

Trailer for the long-awaited graphic novel offers glimpse at what to expect from the next-generation superhero story from self-styled "comics destroyer."
Paul Pope/First Second

Self-described "comic destroyer" Paul Pope has had an impressive career to date, with projects such as Heavy Liquid, 100% and Batman Year 100 under his belt, as well as partnering with fashion houses Diesel and DKNY for limited edition releases outside of the world of comics.

For years, however, his passion project has been Battling Boy, a next-generation superhero story that brings myth and monsters together as the child of gods has to save the children of Arcopolis from a fate worse than death before his thirteenth birthday. In the works for years -- it was originally teased way back in 2006 -- Battling Boy promises to be the rare long-awaited project that lives up to the hype, if last month's preview, The Death of Haggard West, is anything to go by.

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In its earliest days, the project was being simultaneously developed as a graphic novel and feature film, with Brad Pitt's production company Plan B having optioned the material and Watchmen screenwriter Alex Tse working with Pope on the project. However, Pope has since revealed that the movie component is currently on hold until Pope finishes the second and final book in the series.

With the first Battling Boy finally scheduled to be released in October, publisher First Second has released a video trailer that gives an idea what to expect from the finished product. Watch this and find yourself hoping that the movie version ends up an animation spectacular that brings Pope's frenetic linework to life. Seriously, how could any CGI-assisted live-action live up to this…?