Petco Encourages the Dog Side of the Sith with 'Star Wars' Merchandise

Star Wars PetCo - S 2013
The pet store teams with Lucasfilm for a new line of "Star Wars"-related clothes, toys and other products for cats and dogs.

The Force, it seems, doesn't limit itself to humans.

Petco has launched the Star Wars Pet Fans collection, a range of collars, apparel and other pet-related accoutrements for the four-legged Jedi in your life. Items include dog hoodies -- "Whether pets prefer the company of Chewbacca or a Jedi like Yoda, or instead enjoy the dark side with Darth Vader, or play it neutral like Boba Fett, these hoodies are sure to keep dogs sporting their Star Wars spirit all year," the company explains -- as well as pet toys, beds and, for the more sadistic animal owners amongst you, headpieces including Princess Leia buns and Yoda ears.

"Many Star Wars fans have taken it upon themselves to create fantastic costumes for their pets, and now Petco offers products that are not only creative and fun, but also safe for pets," said Petco Animal Supplies chief marketing officer Elisabeth Charles, who also said that her company was "proud to be able to partner with Lucasfilm" on the merchandise.

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While to some this may seem like a merchandising opportunity too far -- let's face it, most pets prefer the more cerebral appeal of the original Star Trek series when it comes to their science fiction -- I'm hoping that this line is enough of a success for Disney to consider following suit with its other big genre property. If you can't imagine how wonderful a Marvel Pet Fans collection would be, I have just three words to educate you: Captain America frisbee. Just think of how much fun it would be to play catch with that.

(Come to think of it, a Hulk chew toy or Loki cat teaser would be pretty sweet as well. Maybe an Iron Man laser pointer? The possibilities are endless!)