Peter Parker Gets a Fellow Spider-Victim in New 'Spider-Man' Relaunch

Parker wasn't the only high school student bitten by that radioactive spider, a preview for the relaunch of Marvel's "The Amazing Spider-Man" reveals.
Humberto Ramos/Marvel Entertainment

With great power comes … someone else with great power, apparently.

Ahead of the already announced "Spider-Verse" storyline featuring multiple incarnations of the wall-crawling superhero, Marvel Entertainment is going to reveal that Peter Parker wasn't the only high school student bitten by the radioactive spider that gave him super powers, which are not only amazing, but also spectacular and astonishing.

The revelation of a second spider victim was originally teased earlier this week in a promotional image for Marvel's summer event storyline Original Sin, but a preview at for next week's relaunch of the Amazing Spider-Man title makes it clear: Seconds after Parker was bitten, a female classmate was also bitten by the same spider.

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Quite how this retcon will play out remains to be seen; it's possible that she could become the latest in an increasingly long line of Spider-Girls or Spider-Women (although there remains an active Spider-Woman in the Avengers to this day). Whether or not she'll be an ally or enemy to the reborn Peter Parker is open to question.

It's worth noting that Marvel has already announced a companion miniseries for Amazing Spider-Man to launch in May that takes place during Peter Parker's earliest days as Spider-Man. The villain for that series has been teased as being the hero's own age. Perhaps the reason we've never seen this "other" radioactive spider-victim is because she was dealt with, one way or another, at the very beginning of Spider-Man's career.

The Amazing Spider-Man #1, by Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos and others, is released in comic stores and digitally April 30. The Amazing Spider-Man #1.1, the first part of the "Year One: Learning to Crawl" storyline by Slott and artist Ramon Perez, follows a week later.