Peter Tomasi on The Effect of Robin's Death on Batman (Video)

This week sees the release of DC Entertainment’s Robin Rises: Omega No. 1, which not only continues writer Peter Tomasi’s exploration of the aftermath of Bruce Wayne’s son back in last year’s Batman Incorporated No. 8, but teases a resurrection for the fallen son.

Since the character’s death, Tomasi has been dealing with Batman’s grief in the monthly Batman and Robin series—retitled each issue with guest-stars taking Robin’s place in the logo—with the writer telling Tiffany Smith on this week’s episode of web series DC All Access that there was no way he could avoid doing so.

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“Loss is everything, that was the catalyst to Batman,” the writer explains, talking about his decision to address Batman’s response to his son’s death head-on. “He’s buried his parents, and now he’s got to bury his son alongside. It’s something that you can’t just, kind of, glaze over. It’s something that’s key to the character.”

Immediately following the character’s death, all of DC’s Batman titles featured special “Requiem” issues about immediate reactions to the event before moving on to other storylines. Only Tomasi’s title has explicitly dealt with the prolonged effect, leading up to Robin Rises where the possibility of a resurrection has been raised—despite Batman doing everything in his power to prevent it from happening.

Watch a clip of Tomasi’s interview above, and the whole thing in tomorrow’s episode DC All Access, available on Robin Rises: Omega is released digitally and in comic stores on Wednesday.