'Pirates! Band of Misfits' Premieres 'Hunger Games' Parody Trailer (Video)

Sony Pictures Animation follows Disney's successful formula for "The Muppets" and releases a 30-second spot evoking Lionsgate's action-packed box-office champ.

In their search for (box office) treasure, the makers of Pirates! Band of Misfits are using a marketing strategy previously mapped out by other family-friendly movies: trailer parodies. In a new 30-second clip released Monday, Sony Pictures Animation assembled footage from the forthcoming animated odyssey and edited it to resemble the fierce competition of The Hunger Games.

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Showcasing the film’s action-packed hijinks, the new clip from Pirates! offers an overview of the characters and some of the shenanigans that they become ensconced in during the course of the story. Prior to its DVD release just a few weeks ago, The Muppets also produced a Hunger Games parody trailer, which followed a series of commercials aping such high-profile competitors as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Twilight and The Avengers.

Pirates! Band of Misfits is being released nationwide on April 27, 2012.

  • Todd Gilchrist