Revisit 'Planet of the Apes' With 'Caesar's Story' (Exclusive Preview)

Planet of the Apes-Caesar's Story-Publicity-H 2018
Hachette Books
A new book retells the events of the recent trilogy from the perspective of the apes involved.

[This story contains spoilers or War for the Planet of the Apes]

The climax of 2017’s War for the Planet of the Apes saw Caesar, the leader of the ape uprising, die as his army found a new home, with his friend and confidant, Maurice, promising to keep his memory alive by telling Caesar’s son, Cornelius, about the hero his father was. A new book lets fans see just how well he kept his promise, and The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive preview.

"Written" by Caesar’s trusted lieutenant — in reality, SF and fantasy author Greg Keyes, who’s previously written two novels set in the continuity of the rebooted movie series — Planet of the Apes: Caesar’s Story is more than just an in-universe retelling of the events in the recent Planet of the Apes trilogy, although it’s that as well; the book, written as a history of the ape leader for Cornelius, also reveals new information about what took place between the movies.

The book follows Caesar’s development from a lab ape, the outbreak of the Simian Flu and the conflicts with Koba and the Colonel, all retold from the point of view of the orangutan advisor who debuted in 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes; other apes offer interludes expressing their points of view as well.

The 256-page paperback, illustrated with photos from the movies and new artwork from Zachary Baldus, will be published by Hachette Books on Oct. 23 as part of the franchise's 50th anniversary celebration. (The original Planet of the Apes was released in April of 1968.)

Read a preview below.