PlayStation Unveils Winners of Emerging Filmmakers Program

Sony PS Emerging Filmmakers Facebook Twitter - Publicity-H 2018
Courtesy of Sony
The five winning pilots can be viewed on the PlayStation Store now.

Sony Interactive Entertainment America on Wednesday unveiled the winners of its PlayStation Emerging Filmmakers Program, a collaboration with Ideas United and its creative collective, We Make.

The initiative began last summer with an invitation to filmmakers in We Make to submit their concepts for original television programming. Hundreds of submissions were fielded, but only 10 concepts were chosen, allowing their creators the opportunity to pitch their concepts directly to PlayStation execs and industry professionals. Five of the 10 concepts were then greenlighted for pilot production.

Fellow gaming company Ubisoft similarly launchedprogram for female filmmakers in June, which offers future filmmakers one-on-one mentorship, led by Ubisoft's film and television studio vp and head of development Jason Altman, director of development for film Margaret Boykin and director of development for television Danielle Kreinik.

All five pilots, which are available to stream now on the PlayStation Store and will soon be available on PlayStation Vue, were shot in Atlanta over the course of five weeks. Ideas United executive produced each project.

“It’s been an incredible adventure since we launched this one-of-a-kind program for emerging storytellers made possible by PlayStation, and this opportunity has truly changed the lives of the creators,” said Ideas United CEO David Roemer. “We’re extremely proud of the pilots, and we can’t wait for the PlayStation audience to experience them starting this weekend.” 

The pilots span the gamut of genres from comedy to drama to science fiction. The full list of winning pilots is below.

Banned in Boise
Created by Max Cannon & Brandon Sullivan, Directed by Jeremy Inman
Two would-be filmmakers plot revenge on their former employers by challenging them in a local film festival — and winning by any means necessary.

Created by Gordon Freas & Amanda Freas, Directed by Steven Wilson
A desperate young man with a devastating diagnosis signs up for a secret, experimental treatment that makes him an unwitting pawn in a madman’s dark scheme.

Created by Shira Rosenzweig, Directed by Taylor Maxwell
An FBI agent and a ruthless hitman share a twisted secret, which they must protect at all costs — no matter what, or who, gets in the way.

The Many Lives of Ayn Winters
Created by Steve Spalding, Directed by Sarah Wilson Thacker
A young woman returns home to discover a house full of secrets and an unusual power that could unlock the mystery surrounding her sister’s death — if it doesn’t kill her first.

Two Roads
Created by Vanessa King & Miranda Sajdak, Directed by Ashton Avila
A family in witness protection struggles to fit in with their surreal new surroundings, while the dark secret they keep makes their once-ordinary life anything but.

More information on the project can be found here