Podcast Trailer: 'Wolverine: The Lost Trail' Set for March Premiere

Logan's journey through the Louisiana bayou will include encounters with biker gangs, Cajun thieves and "a world of wonders that defies explanation."
Courtesy of Marvel

Following the success of Wolverine: The Long Night, which won the iHeartRadio award for best scripted podcast, Marvel has revealed that season two of the show, titled Wolverine: The Lost Trail, will premiere March 25.

Described by Marvel as an "epic quest" that takes place in the Louisiana bayou, the story will focus on Logan's return to New Orleans in search of redemption. His ex-lover is nowhere to be found, and to make matters more dramatic, other humans and mutants are disappearing rapidly.

Logan teams up with a young boy to investigate the clues, a journey which leads them to encounter "biker gangs," "Cajun thieves" and "a world of wonders that defies explanation." Finally, the two discover a refuge called Greenhaven — which is run by a powerful mutant, Jason Wyngarde, whom comic fans will recognize.

Among the Cajun thieves will be Gambit, another character familiar to those who have consumed Chris Claremont and Jim Lee's X-Men comic books. 

Wolverine: The Lost Trail is written by Ben Percy (Batman, Green Arrow, James Bond) and directed by Brendan Baker in collaboration with associate director Chloe Prasinos. Richard Armitage (The Hobbit) stars as Logan, while Bill Irwin, Bill Heck, Blair Brown and Rachael Holmes play supporting characters. 

Listen to the audio trailer below.