What If Pokemon Go Were an Episode of 'Black Mirror'?

Black Mirror Poke?mon Go Screengrab H 2016
Screengrab/Patrick (H) Willems/YouTube
A new video from the maker of 'Wes Anderson's X-Men' mashes the mobile craze with Charlie Brooker's sci-fi series.

If the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go has left you confused and disoriented, a new video from filmmaker Patrick H. Willems will put it in the right context … by re-imagining it as an episode of Charlie Brooker's sci-fi dystopian anthology series Black Mirror.

The mashup of pop culture obsessions is nothing new for Willems, who is the man that gave the world Wes Anderson's X-Men and Werner Herzog's existential Ant-ManWillems directed and co-wrote the story with Matt and Jacob Torpey, both of whom appear in the video alongside Chloe Holgate and Mike Yarinsky. Jacob Torpey wrote the screenplay.

A third season of the real Black Mirror is in production for a future Netflix release. Of course, now it's going to have to rework its own Pokemon-inspired episode. Watch Willems' Black Mirror: Pokemon Go below.