Pokemon Go Bus Tours and Personal Drivers Pop Up on Craigslist

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The national craze has spread to places you might not expect.

If you've really got to catch them all (and are brave enough) you might consider turning to … Craigslist?

Almost as quickly as Pokemon popped up all over the country, so, too, have advertisements on Craigslist geared toward the Pokemon Go-obsessed. The notices for these services have the trademark enthusiasm, ALL CAPS and occasionally humorous typos you'd expect from a Craigslist ad.

In the Los Angeles area alone, dozens of listings advertise services such as Pokemon Go personal drivers and trainers — and even a Party Bus that can be rented out.

One advertisement for a driver promises to chauffeur people around to spots swarming with Pokemon for $20 an hour. Included in the price are "Heated and cooled seats," "Bottle Waters" and "Cool Jams." (Cool jams are definitely essential for good Pokemon hunting.) One person, who boasts they are a professional Uber driver with a 4.87 rating, will drive around "Day or Night!" as you hunt down elusive Pokemon, while another, a college student, will play the game for you (with payment dependent on how much progress they make).

Pokemon Go has been praised for getting people out of the house and moving, but one service boasts it will spare you from all that pesky walking around.

"GET ALL OF THE STEPS WITH NONE OF THE SWEAT — We will drive around at egg incubation speed so that you still get credit towards hatching your eggs," the advertisement reads.

That's a good selling point, as you must travel serious distances in order for Pokemon to hatch — and going too fast by using a car won't count toward the progress. Speaking of hatching, the "Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Service" charges $1 per km for hatching services. (Pokemon hatch at 2 km, 5 km or 10 km, depending on what kind they are). 

While some small businesses have embraced Pokemon Go to bring in customers hoping to hunt on their property, there are plenty of hazards and potential downsides to the game. Will Craiglist land in the pro or con column?