'Polar: The Black Kaiser' Explores Origins of the Deadly Assassin (Exclusive)

POLARBK CVR - Publicity - P 2019
Victor Santos/Dark Horse
The new Dark Horse graphic novel by Victor Santos explains the backstory of Mads Mikkelsen's deadly killer from the Netflix movie.

Streaming audiences were introduced to the Black Kaiser with the release of Netflix’s Polar, but the story is far bigger than one movie could contain. Next month, Dark Horse Comics makes it even bigger with the release of Polar Vol. 0: The Black Kaiser.

The new graphic novel sees Polar creator Victor Santos go back to the beginning of the story — beyond the events of Came From The Cold, the first volume in the series — to reveal the origin and backstory of the Black Kaiser, the character played by Mads Mikkelsen in the recent Netflix adaptation of the series.

The book doesn’t just fill in the gaps of the Kaiser’s history as he arrives in the U.S. on a mission where nothing is as it seems — well, except for the danger involved; it also showcases the amazing art by Santos, which follows in the footsteps of Frank Miller’s Sin City and Mike Avon Oeming’s Powers, as can be glimpsed in the exclusive preview pages below provided by Dark Horse. (Note: The pages are non-consecutive from throughout the book, and are not intended to play as one sequence.)

Polar: The Black Kaiser will be released March 6.