Political Satire 'Happy Hour' Unveils Preview

Happy Hour
<p>Happy Hour</p>   |   Michael Montenat/AHOY Comics
The comic takes place in a world in which happiness is mandated by law.

In a week where the political future of the United States is likely to be decided — at least for the next few years — indie publisher AHOY Comics offers a glimpse of a world where almost everyone is wearing a smile … because the alternative may be too painful. Ahead of its Wednesday release, The Hollywood Reporter has a sneak peek at Happy Hour.

The social satire, written by Peter Milligan (Shade the Changing Man, Enigma, The Prisoner) with art from Michael Montenat (Hellraiser Annual), is set in an America where it’s literally a crime to be sad — leading to the creation of the Joy Police, a brutal new authority that holds little back in the enforced pursuit of happiness.

Happy Hour follows in the tradition of other AHOY Comics titles such as Second Coming, where Jesus returned to Earth only to be shunned in favor of a superhero, and Billionaire Island, set on an island open only to the ultra-rich where everything goes … wrong. As with other AHOY Comic releases, each issue of Happy Hour will contain additional material beyond the primary story, including prose, poetry and, occasionally, recipes.

Happy Hour No. 1 will be available digitally and in comic book stores Nov. 4. Read on for an extended preview from the issue.