Pottermore: J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter Fans React

J.K. Rowling - Reads To Children At The National Library In Edinburgh - 2008
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Many fans are confused as to what it is, and others make jokes.

J.K. Rowling finally unveiled her highly-anticipated Pottermore website Thursday.

Beginning this October, the seven Harry Potter novels will be released on eBooks, and an interactive community will launch online. She hopes it will encourage more people to begin reading.

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But fans were a little confused about the site on Twitter, where Rowling's initials, #JKR, quickly became a trending topic Thursday morning.

"Huh. It seems that Pottermore is both a social network and the encyclopedia. AND something we never expected," wrote Potterific.

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"'Pottermore' = an Interactive Online Experience I don't really understand much about yet but am still eager to try!," added lindork.

Other Twitter followers made jokes about the impact of Pottermore.com, given that Rowling has sold more than 400 million copies worldwide and the Harry Potter movies are the most profitable franchise of all time.

"Obama declared war against the UK because pottermore didn't accept his email address," joked Twitter user MrFredWeasley, a play on a character from the novels.

Later, he wrote, "Frodo destroyed the ring because pottermore accepted his email."

"Pottermore is actually the Matrix: users will be reborn in a world of wizardry while their body-heat powers the servers. #pottermorerumours," fozmeadows wrote.

The publishing industry seemed to embrace the site, if Twitter comments are any indication.

"Pottermore is a brilliant idea & will probably bring major changes to the publishing industry," wrote PublishingSpy.

Overall, fans were excited.

"Can't wait for Pottermore! We'll be able to access online whiskey joints and jitterbug dance halls! Wheelchair races! Angel target practice!" wrote ghweldon.

"Disappointed that Pottermore isn't an awesome online game, but at least the announcement video was really cool: http://bit.ly/lpLJXM," said suziegardner .

"Pottermore is an amazing concept - at least there's something to look forward to after Deathly Hallows Part II is released," HarryPotterish wrote of the final film, which hits theaters July 15.


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