'Pound of Flesh': Van Damme's Got a Kidney to Pick With His Organ Robbers (Exclusive Video)

The action star plays a victim of organ theft who embarks on a revenge mission.

Jean-Claude Van Damme wants his kidney back.

Upcoming action film Pound of Flesh, starring the international action star, centers on one man's plot to enact his aching vengeance after he becomes the victim of organ theft. Here, The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts the first trailer for the film, which is directed by Ernie Barbarash.

After a brief night with a mysterious seductress, Deacon (Van Damme) wakes up to the bloody realization he’s become the victim of organ theft — a robbery resulting in a problematic situation for his dying niece in need of a kidney transplant. Deacon enlists the help of his former underworld connections in the search for his stolen kidney.

This exclusive trailer previews the movie’s adrenaline-charged action scenes, depicting red-stained bathwater, splits-inducing car chases, explosions and underground fight scenes choreographed by Donnie Yen mainstay John Salvitti.

Produced by Odyssey Media’s Kirk Shaw (Drive Hard, Hurt Locker) and Henry Luk, Pound of Flesh is based on a script by Joshua James (Alien Uprising), and will be distributed in more than 3,000 theaters by Luk’s Ace Studios, Automatic Entertainment, Chunqiu Time Culture Co. and Canada’s Entertainment One.

“This is certainly the best Jean-Claude Van Damme action movie in many years," says Shaw. "We have a sequence in this film with JCVD doing the splits while holding on to the side of a fleeing car. That’s 100 percent JCVD onscreen doing the stunts."

The cast also includes John Ralston, Darren Shahlavi, Aki Aleong, Marsha Yuan, Jason Tobin, Andrew Ng and Charlotte Peters.

Watch the trailer above.