'Power Rangers' Trailer: Bryan Cranston Delivers the Speech Every Teen Hero Should Hear

The reboot hits theaters March 24.

The new Power Rangers trailer is delivering on months of teases.

There's costumed Rangers, Rita Ripulsa and the Megazord – all in action. And most prominently, there's Bryan Cranston as the Ranger mentor Zordon.

"The answer to what is happening to you is hear. You five are the power Rangers," Zordon explains in a wonderfully cheesy voiceover after the teens discover an alien space ship.

Dean Israelite directed the reboot Lionsgate, and it stars RJ Cyler, Becky G., Ludi Lin, Naomi Scott and Dacre Montgomery as the Rangers.

In October, IsraeliteI spoke with Heat Vision about differentiating his film in the era of superhero movies.

"I really wanted to try hard to make everything photographed in a very real, contemporary style — even in the ways we executed the design, I wanted you to be able to look at the machines and the ship and the suits, as if it's its own universe. I want our one to be seen as its own thing," he said.

Power Rangers is set for a March 24 release.