'Power Rangers' Trailer Shows Rita Repulsa and the Zords in Action

The power of the Power Rangers has been unlocked. At least, the new Power Rangers trailer has been unlocked, thanks to a social media campaign from Lionsgate that unlocked a new trailer once it received 75,000 reactions. 

"Are we more like Iron Man or Spider-Man?" asks Billy (RJ Cyler) after the Rangers discover they are superheroes now.

The film is directed by Dean Israelite and stars Becky G., Ludi Lin, Naomi Scott and Dacre Montgomery. Elizabeth Banks stars as the villain Rita Ripulsa while Bryan Cranston plays Ranger mentor Zordon and Bill Hader voices Alpha-5.

In October, IsraeliteI spoke with Heat Vision about taking inspiration from the '90s TV show.

"I think I grew up on those characters and watched them grow up, too. There wasn't always much depth and complexity to the show, but the themes of it are complex," he said. "I thought if I could bring those themes and embellish them and make them nuanced and multi-dimensional, it could echo the start of the show."

Power Rangers is set for a March 24 release.