'Powers' Jumps From Comics and TV to Prose With 'Secret History' Novel

Deena Pilgrim's past is the focus of the first book, co-written by creator Brian Michael Bendis.

It's taken 15 years for Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's Powers to go from comic books to television, but its journey into a third medium has happened a lot quicker; publisher Thomas Dunne Books has announced Powers: The Secret History of Deena Pilgrim, the first prose novel set in the superhero universe.

Secret History will be co-written by Bendis and Neil Kleid, a cartoonist who has previously written prose for Marvel Entertainment. The story will center around a murder connected with the family of one of Powers' central characters, Detective Deena Pilgrim. As she investigates the case, she is forced to confront what the publisher calls "her family's sordid past in law enforcement."

News broke about the novel on Comic Book Resources, which stated that it is expected to be released "around this time next year."

Powers: The Secret History of Deena Pilgrim was acquired for Thomas Dunne Books by executive editor Brendan Deneen, who's no stranger to comic books adapted for television; he also edits Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead novels.

Powers, the TV show, is available on Sony's PlayStation Network right now, with the recently relaunched Powers comic book series currently available in comic stores and digitally.

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