'The Prague Coup' Puts Graham Greene in the Center of International Intrigue

The Prague Coup Cover - Publicity - P 2018
Courtesy of Miles Hyman/Titan Comics
Titan Comics' Hard Case Crime imprint brings the European graphic novel to English language audiences this December.

The 1948 overthrow of the Czechoslovakian government by the Communist Party — known as both “Victorious February” and the “Prague Coup” — was an incident that changed international politics forever, pushing the adoption of the Marshall Plan and establishment of NATO. A new graphic novel from Titan Comics tells the story of what was behind that event — and, in the process, reveals the involvement of iconic 20th century writer Graham Greene.

Written by Belgian novelist and screenwriter Jean-Luc Fromental, with Miles Hyman co-writing and illustrating, The Prague Coup focuses on Greene’s connection to a plot to undermine the existing Czech Government, while he works on his next project: the screenplay for the Orson Welles thriller The Third Man. Has Greene found himself in a world as dangerous as the one he’s built for Harry Lime?

The 112-page graphic novel was originally published, in French, by Éditions Dupuis S.A. last year; Titan Comics’ Hard Case Crime edition, which will be released Dec. 12, will be the book’s first English language version. Below, see preview pages showcasing Hyman’s atmospheric art.