Remembering When Princess Leia Got a 'Star Wars' Figure Before Darth Vader and Han Solo

Leia Figure - H 2016
Carrie Fisher died Tuesday at the age of 60.

Carrie Fisher made Princess Leia tough and smart, so of course when it came time for toys to be made for the surprise hit that was Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977, kids wanted her action figure. 

The company licensed to make the toys, the now-defunct Kenner, was caught completely off guard by the film's huge success and could not make figures fast enough for Christmas '77. So, rather than miss out on the holiday sales, the company sold empty boxes which had a certificate that was redeemable by mail for four figures: Luke, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and Princess Leia.  Not Darth Vader or Han Solo, but Princess Leia.

The toy came with a small blaster because, though she may have been royalty, Leia could sure as hell handle herself just fine, fly boy. As more movies came out, there was numerous versions of Leia figures, which almost always had a weapon.

Fisher died Tuesday at the age of 60. Her loss rippled through Hollywood as countless actors shared their grief and mourning.