Cult TV Show 'The Prisoner' Returning With Comic Book Series

Titan Comics is launching the revival in 2018.
Courtesy of Photofest
Titan Comics is launching the revival in 2018.

Fifty years later, it's finally time to return to The Village.

Titan Comics will revive the cult TV series The Prisoner next year, with a new comic book series by writer Peter Milligan (Enigma, X-Statix, Hellblazer) and storyboard artist Colin Lorimer (Image Comics' The Hunt, Harvest).

The original Prisoner series centered around Patrick McGoohan's unnamed former spy, who was kidnapped and kept against his will in a mysterious village where everyone was assigned a number. As "Number 6," he continually butted heads with a variety of authority figures in the role of "Number 2," each assigned to break his will and discover why he had quit being a secret agent.

“For a story where all is ambiguous, it’s hardly surprising that everyone takes from The Prisoner something different," said series writer Peter Milligan. "Like most people I had my own theories, my own twisted notions —mostly Kafkaesque and existential — of what was really going on in those mock Italianate dwellings. Personally, the stranger and more baffling it was, the better it suited me."

The writer described the chance to continue the series — specifically referencing the chance to write "Number 6's successor" — as "an honor," and added, "How cool it is to imagine that while I’m writing this new iteration of the Prisoner, I am at least for a while...Number One."

This isn't the first comic book version of the beloved 1960s series. Following two unfinished adaptations in the 1970s by Marvel — including a near-mythical attempt by Jack Kirby — DC published The Prisoner: Shattered Visage in 1988, a sequel to the series by Dean Motter and Mark Askwith.

The series will launch in 2018, in time for the 50th anniversary of the show's U.S. debut. It first aired on the U.K.'s ITV network on Sept. 29, 1967. More information will be released about the project in coming months.