'Project S.E.R.A.' Filmmaker Signs With Industry Entertainment (Exclusive)

Project S.E.R.A Short Film Still - H 2012
<p>Project S.E.R.A Short Film Still - H 2012</p>
Benjamin Howdeshell's short debuted Feb. 15 and is fielding offers to turn it into a web series.

Benjamin Howdeshell, who wrote and directed the Internet short Project S.E.R.A, has signed with management firm Industry Entertainment.

Howdeshell is an assistant editor who worked on sci-fi movies such as Resident Evil: Extinction, Season of the Witch and The Darkest Hour. Harboring dreams of being a director, he decided to make a short to showcase his abilities, and came up with S.E.R.A., a zombie-style action story.

The short debuted on Feb. 15 and generated enough buzz that Howdeshell found himself on the receiving end of phone calls from agents and managers.

He is also fielding offers to turn S.E.R.A. into a web series and developing an action thriller feature that he hopes to direct.

Here is that short: