'Prometheus' Short Unveiled at TED Conference (Video)

The scene that teases the backstory for Ridley Scott's "Alien" prequel features Guy Pearce.

Ridley Scott and Damon Lindeloff unveiled a short tied to their summer blockbuster Prometheus today at TED 2012, the technology conference. 

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The clip was conceived and designed by Scott and Lindelof, directed by Luke Scott, and features Guy Pearce as a technology and corporate titan named Peter Weyland making a speech at a TED conference in 2023.

The scene is not in the movie but is supposed to give us some tantalizing backstory for the film, which opens June 8.

VIDEO: 'Prometheus' Trailer

What's it telling us? Far be it from me to un-Rubik the cube that is Lindelof's brain but it is interseting to note that in the short, Pearce is playing a guy named Weyland but in the movie he is playing a guy called Stannison.