Punisher Logo Removed From Kentucky Cop Cars After Public Outcry

"That decal represents that we will take any means necessary to keep our community safe," the police chief previously said.
Photofest/Artisan Pictures Inc.
Thomas Jane as The Punisher in 2004 film of the same name.

A police department in Lexington, Ky. announced Friday that it would remove the Punisher skull logo from its cruisers. 

The logo and phrase “Blue Lives Matter” were previously added to the hood of Catlettsburg police cars, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader

Some residents of the town liked the logo and supported the phrase, which was born out of the Black Lives Matter movement. However, others took offense to the Punisher logo, likely due to the fact that the Marvel character is an anti-hero who takes the law into his own hands and has no problem killing those he deems bad guys. 

"That design is basically to give back to the police officers,” Police Chief Cameron Logan previously said, according to the Leader. “Our lives matter just as much as anybody’s. ... I’m not racist or anything like that, I’m not trying to stir anything up like that. I consider it to be a ‘warrior logo.’ Just cause it has ‘Blue Lives Matter’ on the hood, all lives matter. That decal represents that we will take any means necessary to keep our community safe.” 

Logan spearheaded the effort to have the decals added to the cars in the first place, the newspaper reported. 

The Punisher is one of the most popular (and dark) Marvel characters. Frank Castle (aka the Punisher) has been brought to the big screen by numerous actors in multiple films — and most recently to the small screen by Jon Bernthal in the Netflix series Daredevil

Bernthal is so popular as the character, a spinoff has been ordered by Netflix.