Quirky Indie Game 'Think of the Children' Challenges Players to Keep Their Kids Alive

From violent kangaroos to the dangers of oncoming traffic, the zany new project offers a wide roster of off-the-wall parental challenges.

Won't anybody think of the children?

That's the message at the heart of Think of the Children, a quirky new indie that puts players in the shoes of a parent on trial for negligent parenting.

Sporting Minecraft-ian blocky graphics and a flare for the bizarre, Children takes place largely via flashback to key events in the parent's past, such as a birthday party in the park, a day at the local zoo and an unexpected visit to the Australian Outback. The player must prove competence as a guardian in each environment in the "frantic parent simulator" by keeping the kids safe and, ultimately, alive.

The game from developers Jammed Up Studios and Surprise Attack Games features one- to four-player local co-op gameplay, Twitch and Mixer integration for live-streaming, customizable characters and families, level rankings and a wide range of unlockable customizations.

Think of the Children is available now on Steam, Humble, GOG and other digital game stores.

Watch the launch trailer below.