R2-D2 Was Almost in 'The Lego Movie,' Directors Say

Lego Movies Still - H 2014
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The 'Star Wars' character was "Batman-level" in original drafts

Sure, Batman stole the show in The Lego Movie, but that might not have been the case had earlier plans for another famous cameo come to fruition.

“We figured we could get R2-D2 because his voice wasn’t a human being,” Phil Lord, who co-wrote and directed the movie with Chris Miller, told Yahoo! Movies. According to Miller, R2 “was a Batman-level character” in early drafts of the screenplay, but they couldn’t get the rights to use the character.

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“A kid doesn’t have lawyers that won’t allow the toys to play together,” Miller explained. “Part of the appeal for us was that Roger Rabbit thing that you can get these characters together that you couldn’t get in any other type of movie. Watching my own son play, he does put Batman on the Millennium Falcon and there’s no-one saying they take place in completely different times and galaxies.”

Attention, legal teams for Warner Bros, Disney and Lego: You have the ability to make a lot of people very happy with the forthcoming Lego Movie sequel, due for release in 2018, with Lord and Miller telling Yahoo! that they’re just about to start writing it.