'The Raid:' Sony Pictures Classics Debuts New Trailer, New Subtitle 'Redemption' (Video)

The distributor debuts a new trailer for Gareth Evans' ass-kicking Indonesian festival favorite.

"The company that brought you Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Kung Fu Hustle" is set to unleash another barrage of fists, feet and bullets on March 23, 2012. Sony Pictures Classics unveiled a new trailer Wednesday for The Raid: Redemption, an Indonesian martial arts film arriving stateside after making appearances at film festivals in 2011 to almost universal acclaim.

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In addition to showcasing the film's frenetic action choreography – and truth be told, fully revealing its straightforward but not simple-minded plot – the new clip unveiled a subtitle added by SPC, presumably in an effort to set it up as the first installment in what director Gareth Evans hopes will eventually be a trilogy. (The distributor already pre-emptively purchased rights to Berendal, Evans' yet-to-be-shot sequel.) Dubbed Redemption, the subtitle fits the story's themes, but SPC's decision remains slightly baffling since The Raid had such a beautiful simplicity to it, and some may look at the new title and wonder whether they missed seeing its nonexistent predecessor.

The new trailer highlights star Iko Uwais, who plays a SWAT team member who must fight his way out of a dilapidated tenement building controlled by a vicious drug lord and his two unscrupulous underlings. If the full clip's frenetic pace doesn't immediately get your adrenaline flowing, its final shot, in which Uwais repeatedly smashes an opponent’s head into a wall, will certainly whet your appetite for what else the film has to offer.

The trailer premiered Wednesday on Yahoo! Movies. Check out the clip below.