Rajah Hides From Trouble in 'Disney Princess: Jasmine's New Pet' Preview (Exclusive)

The graphic novel by Nidhi Chanani will be released Oct. 10.
Nidhi Chanani/Dark Horse Comics

Getting used to a new pet isn’t always an easy process, but for some people — and animals — it’s even more difficult. Especially when there are tigers and prized peacocks to contend with. Dark Horse’s upcoming Disney Princess: Jasmine’s New Pet shows how troublesome it can be, and The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive preview.

By the time the characters appear in Aladdin, Jasmine and Rajah are a perfect pair, but the new graphic novel reveals that wasn’t always the case; in fact, when the Princess first met her soon-to-be-trusted companion, he was so disruptive and destructive that her father the Sultan wanted to send him away. (Don't worry; we all know it works out in the end.)

The graphic novel is the work of Nidhi Chanani, whose Pashmina was published to critical acclaim by First Second in 2017. An illustrator based in the Bay Area, she also has worked as a concept artist on the movie Hannah and the Hasbian and illustrated Hugh Howey’s Misty: The Proud Cloud.

The 48-page Disney Princess: Jasmine’s New Pet, part of Dark Horse’s ongoing partnership with Walt Disney Animation, will be released Oct. 10, for $7.99.