'Rampage' Writer Hired to Work on 'Ben 10' Film (Exclusive)

<p>A rare exec turned screenwriter, Engle worked at Kopelson Entertainment before penning the Black List script &quot;On a Clear Day&quot; and on March 30 winning the job to write New Line&#39;s &quot;Rampage,&quot; based on the 1980s video game.</p>
Ryan Engle will work with producers Joel Silver and Andrew Rona on the Cartoon Network adaptation.

Up-and-coming writer Ryan Engle has been hired to work on Ben 10, Silver Pictures’ big-screen take on the Cartoon Network franchise.

Joel Silver, Andrew Rona and Steve Richards are producing.

Ben 10 revolves around a teen named Ben who comes to possess an alien watch named the Omnitrix that lets him morph into 10 different monsters.

Created initially as an animated series in 2008, there have been four permutations of the show as well as five live-action TV movies. And while the show has been popular, even winning two Emmys, it’s proven to be a worldwide merchandising bonanza, with more than $2 billion in retail sales ranging from video games to comic books.

It was created by Man of Action Studios' Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly and Steven T. Seagle. The quartete are also creators of the cartoon Generator Rex and work on Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD

Cartoon Network is financing development on the project, which is not set up at a studio yet. Engle will work off of the script by Albert Torres (Henry Poole Is Here).

Silver Pictures' Alex Heineman and Sarah Meyer will exec produce.

Engle’s script On a Clear Day got on the Black List, paving the way for him to write New Line’s adaptation of the Rampage video game and New Regency’s The New West, based on a comic from Black Bull Media.

Engle, repped by Original Artists and Mosaic, worked for Silver doing on-set scripting for Non-Stop, the Liam Neeson-Julianne Moore actioner that in January wrapped shooting in New York.

Silver is prepping a spring shoot for Prone Gunman, a thriller that sees Pierre Morel direct Sean Penn