Rare 'Indiana Jones' Footage With Barbra Streisand as a Dominatrix Surfaces Online (Video)

The star joined Carrie Fisher and "Empire Strikes Back" director Irvin Kershner in a practical joke on Harrison Ford.

Remember the scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where Barbra Streisand, dressed in a leather dominatrix outfit, whipped Indiana Jones until Carrie Fisher stepped in to protect him? Probably not.

Until now, the scene, which was part of a practical joke on star Harrison Ford, was a rumored bit of Indy history. But grainy footage, which reportedly existed as part of director Steven Spielberg's private blooper reel, has finally surfaced online.

The scene features Streisand, who showed up unexpectedly on the Temple of Doom set one day in 1983, torturing Ford for Hanover Street and "for all the money you're going to make on Return of the Jedi."

Fisher then appears, quoting her Jedi line, "Someone who needs you!"

Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kershner then steps out and complains "I don't believe one word you're saying. Now come on, do it again."

The clip, originally posted by JoBlo.com, ends with Streisand saying, "I feel like a faggot…"