Read an Excerpt from Roxane Gay's 'The Sacrifice of Darkness'

The Sacrifice of Darkness- Publicity - H 2020
Rebecca Kirby and James Fenner/Boom! Studios
The graphic novel adaptation of Gay's short story will be released in October.

Picture a world without light — but not necessarily without hope. That’s the setting for The Sacrifice of Darkness, the latest graphic novel from New York Times-bestselling author Roxane Gay. The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive sneak peek of the book ahead of its October release by Boom! Studios.

The graphic novel is an adaptation of Gay’s prose story “We Are the Sacrifice of Darkness,” with Gay, Tracy Lynne Oliver, Rebecca Kirby and James Fenner transforming the 2013 short, which also appeared in her 2017 collection Difficult Women. Set after the world has been plunged into permanent darkness following a tragic event, a couple rediscover love and family as they push past what the world expects of them, and others.

The excerpt below, however, is set before the event that brought the darkness, revealing the wedding that tied the two leads of the story together.

Sacrifice continues Gay’s burgeoning comics career, which started with work for Marvel’s Black Panther: World of Wakanda in 2016. Her 2019 graphic novel for TKO, The Banks, was recently optioned for a movie adaptation.

The Sacrifice of Darkness, the latest release from Boom!’s Archaia imprint, will be available Oct. 21in comic book stores and digitally, and Oct. 27 in mainstream bookstores.