'Real Steel': 5 Things Seen and Heard on the Red Carpet

Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly and the rest of the cast of Disney’s robot boxing film spoke to THR about working on set and their expectations for a possible sequel.

Real Steel takes its battle to the box office beginning Friday. The DreamWorks production for Disney stars Hugh Jackman as a down-on-his-luck former boxer, Charlie, who turns to the futuristic world of robot boxing. Charlie and his son build their relationship as they work together to build a champion fighter.

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The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Jackman and the other stars of the film at the red carpet premiere. Find out what THR learned about the robot drama with a human story:

1. Hugh Jackman’s Family Loved the Film
Jackman’s family members were instant fans of the film. Jackman emphasized that the film is good for all ages. “I saw it with my mother-in-law, my wife, and my kids at the same screening, and they were all crying at one point, laughing, and they really got into it,” said Jackman.

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2. Evangeline Lilly Found Her Way Into a Scene With Jackman’s Help
Lost star Evangeline Lilly told THR that Jackman was great to work with because when she was stuck with a scene, he would “start playing” with the lines so she would relax and get out of her head. “That’s really rare to find that kind of generosity in another performer,” she added.

3. Director Shawn Levy Says Jackman is “the Nicest Guy in Showbiz”
Directo Shawn Levy, who helmed Night at the Museum, told THR that working with Jackman was a joy. While Levy admitted that he had a lot to learn about motion capture for the film, he said there were no challenges when it came to working with Jackman. “Hugh is rumored to be the nicest guy in showbiz,” said Levy at the Real Steel red carpet premiere. “And those rumors are completely true.”

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4. Jackman Doesn’t Want to Think About the Sequel Just Yet
While director Shawn Levy told THR that the idea of a sequel was “daunting” to him because Real Steel hadn’t even premiered yet, he was hopeful about it. Jackman, on the other hand, wanted to keep his eye on the prize at hand. “Imagine asking a football player the night before the Super Bowl if they’ll make the Super Bowl next year. It’s a bit like that,” said Jackman.


5. Hugh Jackman Is a Prankster
Dakota Goya, who plays Charlie’s son in the film, told THR that Jackman is quite the prankster. While they were shooting a scene in a truck racing down a hill, Jackman claimed that the brakes had gone out. “We’re going down the hill full speed and he’s like, ‘There’s no brakes, I’m pumping the brakes,’” said Goya. “So as I almost come to tears, he comes to a stop and looks at me and smirks and laughs.”

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