'Real Steel's' Hugh Jackman Was a Prankster on Set Says Co-Star (Video)

Dakota Goya, a 12-year-old Canadian actor who stars alongside Hugh Jackman in Real Steel, gushed about working with the accomplished X-Men actor.

“Working with Hugh was an incredible experience,” he told The Hollywood Reporter on the red carpet. “I watched his Wolverine and his musicals, so just getting to work with him for the first time, it’s incredible. “

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The DreamWorks production for Disney centers around an out-of-work fighter names Charlie who decided to train a fighting robot into a champion. Goya plays Charlie’s son, who hopes to build a relationship with his dad by working on the bot together.

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It turns out that Jackman, who director Shawn Levy called “the nicest guy in showbiz” is a bit of a prankster. Goya, who previously starred as the young version of Chris Hemsworth in Thor, said that he fell victim to a few of Jackman’s pranks on set.

At one point, Goya and Jackman were shooting a scene in a green box truck driving down a hill when Jackman told Goya that the breaks weren’t working.

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"We’re going down the hill full speed and he’s like, ‘There’s no brakes, I’m pumping the brakes,’” said Goya. “So as I almost come to tears, he comes to a stop and looks at me and smirks and laughs.”


Not to worry, however, because the young actor also said he got Jackman back at a photoshoot.

Real Steel, which also stars Evangeline Lilly and Anthony Mackie, opens in theaters on Friday, October 7.

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