Reason No. 3 Why You Need THR's Comic-Con Issue: William Stout Cover (Pic)

The Hollywood Reporter and Heat Vision's ultra geeky Comic-Con issue, guest edited by Jon Favreau, will hit the streets of San Diego starting tomorrow (don't worry subscribers, you'll be getting it too).

Here is the cover, an original work by artist and film designer William Stout that recalls his first movie poster, 1977's Wizards.

Feel free to get it autographed by Stout, by Favreau, by Britt Robertson, by Yvonne Strahovski, by the security guy that will try to keep you out of Hall H. Just get it autographed.

Now to recap:

Reason No. 1 Why You Need THR's Comic-Con Issue: Yvonne Strahovski With a Lightsaber

Reason No. 2 Why You Need THR's Comic-Con Issue: Britt Robertson With a Laser Gun



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