'Red Dawn' Remake to Close Out Fantastic Fest

The remake of the anti-Communist film stars Chris Hemsworth and Adrian Palicki.

Those who can’t wait for Red Dawn, the remake of the classic 1980s film that has been sitting on the shelf for a couple of years, to hit theatres in November will have a chance to catch it in September.

The movie, which stars Chris Hemsworth and Adrian Palicki among others, will have its premiere as the closing night of Fantastic Fest, billed as the largest genre film festival and which runs September 20 to 27 in Austin, Texas.

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Film District is releasing the movie, which was made by MGM but let go when the company restructures, November 21.

The remake was intially to feature the Chinese as invaders of American soil (the original movie featured a combo of Soviet and Cuban forces) but in deference to the country's prospective business opportunities, the bad guys were changed to Koreans.

Festival organizers are now promising "a Korean-invasion-themed party" after the screening. Maybe guests will be shuttled in Kias.