'Red Dead Online' Introduces New Character Roles

Red Dead Online Game Still - Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy of Rockstar Games
For those wishing to play out their bounty-hunting, trading or treasure-hunting Wild West dreams, 'Red Read Redemption 2's' online experience is now offering that chance.

Collect your bounty.

The latest update to Red Dead Online, the online multiplayer component to Rockstar's 2018 hit Red Dead Redemption 2, launches Tuesday and introduces a wagonful of new content.

Included in the free update are three new Frontier Pursuits, specialized roles that players can take on to unlock various themed in-game activities, abilities and items. The three roles include bounty hunter, trader and collector. Each role provides its own unique experience, but players can also pursue multiple paths at once.

As bounty hunters, players will track down notorious criminals and bring them to justice, dead or alive. Special abilities and equipment available to bounty hunters includes a reinforced lasso to help keep marks secure, a special focus ability that highlights bounties as red while in Eagle Eye mode, and a flashy dual pistol spinning technique that shows off one's gunslinging acumen, among others.

To get started as a bounty hunter, players must travel to Rhodes and speak with the legendary bounty hunter, where they can purchase their own license to track down marks (the license is free for Twitch Prime members who link their Twitch and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts by Sept. 8).

Traders, meanwhile, will start off by establishing their own shop in camp before sourcing their own furs and skins to grow their budding Western empire. As players increase their trading skills they will unlock upgrades for their camp which include better stew recipes, a larger wagon and the ability to train your canine companion to warn of encroaching thieves.

Those interested in becoming a trader must head to their local Post Office and invest in a butcher's table (free to PlayStation 4 users). 

Finally, collectors, as the name would suggest, hunt for rare treasures and exotic lost items. Once players have purchased the collector's bag from the traveling saleswoman Madam Nazar (free for those who have collected all 54 hidden collectible Red Dead Redemption 2 playing cards in GTA Online) they will be awarded a collector's map marked with various points across the in-game map containing unique treasures. Come prepared, as some will be buried deep enough to require a metal detector and shovel to unearth.

Unique skills for collectors include a divination power that senses rare collectibles nearby, an upgraded saddlebag and a handy A?guila machete and metal detector, useful tools for any aspiring treasure hunter.

In addition to the new Frontier Pursuits, the latest update will also introduce various new in-game free-roam events and daily challenges, new weapons, new horses, the ability to change the playable character's appearance for free one time and a photo studio where players can show off their customized outlaw.

Meanwhile, gameplay mechanics such as improved weapon handling, smoother strafing movements, quicker projectile throwing and enhanced on-foot movement will also be implemented.