ReedPop Launching Online Fan Hub for Cosplayers

Cosplay Central - Split - Cosplay Central ReedPop Publicity -H 2020
Courtesy of Cosplay Central/ReedPop
Cosplay Central will feature interviews, tutorials and advice columns.

With convention season hit hard by COVID-19 shutdowns, cosplayers might be looking for a new outlet to share gossip, tips and their latest outfits. Thankfully, ReedPop is prepared for the unexpected need, launching a new multiplatform online hub for the cosplay community, titled simply, Cosplay Central.

Global head of ReedPop, Lance Fensterman, explains the thinking behind the launch. "At ReedPop we pride ourselves in hiring fans and relentlessly innovating for our fans and communities," he says. "CosplayCentral.com is our latest move into the world of 365 content creation that will deepen our relationship with all fans and in particular the cosplay community with exceptional content."

Seen as a chance for ReedPop to build on events like New York Comic Con and Emerald City Comic Con, as well as its Global Championships of Cosplay competitions, Cosplay Central is being positioned as the core virtual hub for cosplayers worldwide, including interviews, tutorials, news and features relating to the hobby. Interviews already lined up for the site include L.A.-based cosplayer Ivy Doomkitty, onetime Mythbuster Adam Savage and the cast of Critical Role.

"I want Cosplay Central to be the go-to place for everything cosplay," editor-in-chief Kelsey Endter tells The Hollywood Reporter. "From tutorials to interviews to cosplay news, this will be the place to go — I see Cosplay Central being the main hub for the community. This will be the place where they can go to learn and bond with one another, and stand as a positive and welcoming space for all who are interested in cosplay."

The site, she continues, "is for anybody who is interested in cosplay; it can range from somebody who has been cosplaying for years and years, or those who are simply fascinated with the craft." Interestingly, she also describes it as a "go-to site for content publishers and creators looking to gather ideas and information for their own marketing and publishing research."

Endter counts herself as a longstanding part of the cosplay community, having been cosplaying since 2011 and attending conventions such as PAX East and Katsucon.

In her new role, Endter said that she hopes that she's able to "inspire people who have always wanted to cosplay, but have yet to join this amazing hobby." She adds, "Cosplaying allowed me to truly be myself, where I could combine my love for theater and pop culture. When ReedPop reached out to me about their vision with the site, I was ready to jump to the challenge."