ReedPOP Partners with Comic Con India

Lance Fensterman Rand Ratinac Low Res - S 2014
<p>Lance Fensterman Rand Ratinac Low Res - S 2014</p>   |   Shane Rozario for ReedPop
New York Comic Con organizers follow Australian expansion with yet another continent

The already extensive worldwide reach of ReedPOP — organizers of New York Comic Con, PAX, Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo and Star Wars Celebration, amongst many other such events — grew even larger Thursday with the announcement of a new partnership with Comic Con India.

The partnership follows ReedPOP's recent expansion into Australia, with last year's PAX Australia and February's partnership with DCA Enterprises for a series of Oz Comic-Con shows, and will see the two organizations team to bring "world class events to Indian fans," according to an announcement released by both companies.

"No matter what corner of the Earth they reside, fans want the same things," ReedPOP global vp Lance Fensterman said in a statement accompanying the news. "They want amazing experiences and access to the entertainment that they love. Working with Comic Con India continues our commitment to bringing the ReedPOP brand of events across the globe and reinforces our position as a world leader in the space."

Comic Con India founder Jatin Varma added that the new partnership will "help us scale further and create world class events that will deliver the best experiences to audiences here in India," adding that he hoped that future Comic Con India events will be "counted among the top events in the world, within this sphere, in the coming years."

Comic Con India launched in 2011 as an "experiment," according to Varma, quickly growing to include four shows across the continent: Bangalore Comic Con, Delhi Comic Con, Hyderabad Comic Con and Mumbai Film & Comics Convention. According to the organization's Karan Kalra, the company plans to leverage the ReedPOP partnership to create new events in addition to these across India.