Report: Kingsley's Marvel Studios Return Revealed

Will Ben Kingsley return to Marvel just to get his comeuppance from the fictional character whose identity he stole in "Iron Man 3"? A new report suggests the answer is yes.
Marvel Entertainment

As soon as Ben Kingsley revealed that he had another Marvel Studios project post-Iron Man 3, you could almost hear the roar of speculation engines across the Internet as to just what that project could be. A new report offers one such suggestion -- and it's unlikely to be a popular one.

According to Latino Review's anonymous sources, Marvel may be looking to flip the reveal that Iron Man 3's Mandarin wasn't real on its head with a new Marvel One Shot short that will reveal that there is a real Mandarin, and that he's really not too happy with what Kingsley's Trevor Slattery and Guy Pearce's Aldrich Killian did to his reputation.

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"How is [the "real" Mandarin] going to set the record straight?" asks the site's pseudonymous El Mayimbe. "That I don't know. Who is going to play the real Mandarin? Don't know either. Wait and see."

The rumor makes sense when you're asking "why else would Ben Kingsley be returning to Marvel?" but in every other respect it seems suspect. Would Marvel be so eager to overturn the much-loved Mandarin/Killian reveal from a movie as recent as Iron Man 3 for seemingly little reason? And with the Iron Man series effectively over -- Robert Downey Jr. is only signed for the next two Avengers movies -- where would the Mandarin storyline continue, once it was revealed that there was a real Mandarin after all? (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., perhaps?)

The likelihood that we'll see Kingsley in a Marvel One Shot as opposed to another Marvel Studios project is something that seems high, admittedly. But a One Shot that exists purely to undo a major plot twist of another movie … ? Somehow, that seems more than a slight stretch.