Report: Valiant Pushes Robert Kirkman's 'Outcast' Toward New Name

A 1995 comic might force Robert Kirkman's 2014 horror series -- also currently in development as a TV show -- to find a new title before it debuts.

Robert Kirkman's new supernatural project from his Image Comics imprint, Skybound, might be facing trouble months before its release with a report suggesting that Valiant Entertainment may own the trademark on its title thanks to a little-remembered release from the 1990s.

Kirkman announced plans for the new series, to be called Outcast, with artist Paul Azaceta last month, describing it as "a big, epic story that involves exorcism and demonic possession [that shines] a new light on that genre of horror-fiction." Unfortunately, according to a report that appeared on Comic Book Resources late last week, Valiant already owns the trademark for "Outcast" thanks to a one-off special bearing that title published in 1995.

STORY: Robert Kirkman Reveals Details on New Exorcism Comic 'Outcast'

If Valiant does pursue the issue, it wouldn't be the first time the company has done so. In 2011, Boom! Studios changed the title of a new series from Outcast to Valen the Outcast before publication due to Valiant's ownership of the trademark.

When contacted by THR, both Skybound and Valiant Entertainment declined to comment on the story, although CBR's original story quotes a statement from Valiant that reads: "Valiant Publisher Fred Pierce informed Skybound of Valiant's ownership of the 'Outcast' trademark at New York Comic Con."